Crystal Reports 2016

Tuesday 1 December 2015 @ 8:47 am

I just read a “what’s new” PDF from SAP that talks about Crystal Reports 2016.  The new features are not earth shaking but it is nice to see that product development on the stand-alone version isn’t completely idle. From what I read the new features are:

  • A vertical alignment control with a condition button (my “functions to nowhere” will get used after all)
  • Conditional formatting controls with condition buttons for line and box properties. One control is for the style of the box  which will allow the box to be conditionally suppressed.
  • A formula function that retrieves descriptions stored with parameter fields
  • Some new native drives for Oracle,  SQL Server and a few SAP databases.

I haven’t upgraded my own software since 2008, but this list would make an upgrade worthwhile for me.  The release is tentatively set for the first half of next year. The full PDF is here but it covers all SAP/BO products. Crystal Reports starts on slide 97.

And thanks to Andrew Baines of Pursuit Technology for sharing the PDF and his own blog post with me.

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