More ways to find where a field is in use

Monday 22 August 2016 @ 10:50 pm

Since CR 2008(v12) we have been able to right-click on a field and check to see if it is used in any formula in the report. This is helpful if you are trying to delete a formula or drop a table from the report. It lets you see where the field is used and modify the formula to use an alternate field.

The problem is that the field might be used in several places that are not considered formulas.  For instance it could be used as a group field, a sort field, a subtotal or a subreport link.  Or it might just be sitting on the report, somewhere.

After updating to CR 2016 I noticed that when you right click on a field in the field explorer (and only in the field explorer) there are several new similar choices:

Find in Grouping condition
Find in Sorting condition
Find in Subreport Links

The first two are moderately useful but all they do is open the “group expert” or the “record sort expert” if the field is being used. The Subreport Links is more of a time saver since it checks all the subreports at once.

These were not available in CR 2011* or CR 2013* but are available in CR 2016.

*thanks to Ian Cartwright of Vero Software and Ido Millet of Millet Software for checking these versions.

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