Using AutoComplete in Crystal Reports formulas

Sunday 23 November 2008 @ 10:31 pm

Here is a little secret that not everyone knows. The Crystal Reports formula editor has an autocomplete function that allows you to type the beginning of a function or other reserved word, and let Crystal give you choices to pick from. To invoke the autocomplete you type CTRL – Spacebar and a window will open with all of the reserved words in it. As you type the list will narrow down to the functions that start with the characters that you have typed.

So say you want to use the function InRepeatedGroupHeader. You do your CTRL – Spacebar and type “IN” and you get a choice of 10 options. But if you add the “R” there is only one available choice so that choice is entered into your formula for you.

Or if you start typing a function you can hit the CTRL – Spacebar and the same window will open showing what matches what you have typed so far.

This is available in versions 10 and later.

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