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Crystal Reports viewers
Crystal Reports schedulers/Email (desktop)
Crystal Reports schedulers/Email (server based)
Crystal Reports Email tools
Crystal Reports web portals
RPT management utilities (analyze and compare RPT files)
RPT management utilities (find and update properties in multiple reports)
Business Objects Enterprise related products
RPT conversion tools
Crystal Reports special data drivers
BarCode and MICR fonts for Crystal Reports
Formula function libraries (UFLs)
Misc. tools for Crystal Reports

Crystal Reports Viewers:  (All of these viewers can Refresh, Preview, Print and Export)  
  Read my annual feature comparison for viewers - done every September:
Crystal Corral by Groff Automation 
rptView by Pursuit Technologies Free with ads
CR Dispatch by APB Reports $20
DataLink Viewer by Millet Software $25
Cview - by Chelsea Tech $38
CrystalKiwi Explorer - by CrystalKiwi $44
Logicity Pro   by Saber Logic Free (w/ads) or $85
ViewerFX by Origin Software $40
Report Runner Viewer by Jeff-Net Free or $50 +$6/yr
R-Tag Crystal Viewer by RTag $99 (free community edition available)
  The following products are still listed on their web sites but seem to be abandoned because the vendor is not responding:
EasyView by Easy Street Software  $40
The Report Viewer 4.6 by $50
Report Viewer 9.0 by CrystalDesk $50
CRW Reporting Standard by Tatum Consulting $25 / $30 


Desktop Scheduling:  Read my annual feature comparison for Desktop Schedulers, done every March.
Crystal Delivery ( Free Option) SXPE* 
Smart Report Organizer (Free Option) SXPE* 
R-Tag Crystal Scheduler (Free Option) SXPE* - bursting, exception handling, empty report handling, XLS export to multi-tab
Logicity  (Free Option) SXPE*
Logicity Pro SXPE* - same as above with added features and support
Report Commander SXPE* - run reports on demand, empty report handling, distribution lists
CrystalKiwi Scheduler SXPE* - bursting
CView Manager  SXPE* - bursting, distribution lists
Softline Crystal Scheduler SXPE* - bursting
Visual CUT  
SXPE* - bursting, exception reports, PDF split and merge, XLS export to multi-tab, append to tables
Remi Crystal SXPE*- encryption, empty report handling, SQL updates, distribution lists
Report Runner Batch SXPE* - bursting, PDF split and merge, event based scheduling, fax
Crystal Command  Run reports from the command line, create commands and schedule them
  The following products are still listed on their web sites but seem to be abandoned because the vendor is not responding:
Report Scheduler Pro 9.0   
                                                            (* Schedules, Exports, Prints and Emails)

Report Runner Batch

Server Based Scheduling/Email:  Read my annual feature comparison for Server-Based Schedulers, done every May 
Navarre Report Scheduler Schedule, Print, Export, Email, FTP
Cview Server Schedule, Print, Export, Email, Security
CrystalKiwi Scheduler Schedule, Print, Export, Email, Burst
Softline Crystal Scheduler Schedule, Print, Export, Email, Burst
R-Tag Crystal Scheduler Schedule, Print, Export, Email, Burst, Security
ReportServer Schedule, Print, Export, Email, Security
ToolSched Schedule, Print, Export, Email, Burst
Liaison Messenger EDD Scheduler for Microsoft Dynamics and Sage Software
rePORTAL SCR Schedule, Print, Export, Email, Burst
Report Runner Batch Enterprise Schedule, Print, Export, Email
CRD Premium Edition  Schedule, Print, Export, Email, Fax, Burst

Other Email tools:
PDF-eXPLODE Burst, Export to PDF and Email your report (by printing it.)
CUT light Send Email messages from within a report


Web Portals & Related Products:
ReCrystalize Pro  Generates code for launching Crystal Reports on the Web (WCS or Automation Server).
ReCrystalize Server Server based web viewer
rePORTAL CR Web Portal with basic and row level security, scheduling for Crystal, FRx  & Office documents
RippleStone Web Portal with basic and row level security, scheduling, dynamic pick lists and Email distribution
Bezlio a SaaS Web viewer
Report Runner Web Portal Web Portal with basic security, scheduling, dynamic pick lists and Email distribution
Intellifront BI Web Portal for Crystal Reports, SSRS and Microsoft Power BI
Report Launch Bridge between Business Objects server products and server based applications
Rapid Stack Web Portal built on BO Enterprise Edge
Harmoni Commercial grade high throughput printing for Crystal Reports v7 through v9

Report Miner tools to provide documentation on your Crystal Reports

RPT Management Utilities (Scan, Document, Compare and/or update RPT files):  
Read my annual feature comparison for RPT Management Utilities, done every July
Report Miner - Creates a readable database of report properties and objects.  Allows you to compare / cross-reference reports and print report specifications.
Find It EZ - Scan for all references to specific tables and fields.  Scan, compare and cross-reference RPT files, application source code, SQL databases, documentation.
R-Tag Documentation & Search - search, compare and generate documentation for your reports
R-Tag Version Control - search, compare and generate documentation for your reports. Also adds a comprehensive source code control system for RPT files.
Report Runner Documentor - Free tool to create a readable database of your reports' primary properties and fields 
Report Analyzer  - Cross-reference and print report specs
.rpt Inspector Professional Suite16 tools to analyze, document, & modify report objects across multiple reports at once (formulas, parameters, data sources, etc.)
Visual CUT (Report Inspector Feature) - Scan and organize all report objects and expressions in multiple reports. Mass update text, expressions and data sources. Generate new expressions using Excel.

Products for Business Objects Enterprise:
.rpt Inspector Enterprise   19 tools to analyze, document, & modify properties across multiple reports, schedules and instances at once (formulas, data sources, etc.)
Find It EZ Dev Surge 365 Scan RPT files within BI Platforms for all references to specific tables and fields.  Compare versions of RPT files, change datasources or schedule login information.
SPL (Smart Pick Lists) Adds dynamic or cascading parameters to Crystal Enterprise


RPT Conversion tools:
DataTerrain Converts Crystal Reports to OBIEE BIP, Cognos and Jasper.
Converts OBIEE BIP, Cognos, Jasper, BRIO, Hyperion and Actuate to Crystal Reports.
Access Converter Converts Access reports to Crystal Reports (and Access apps to VB/Java apps)
Access2CR Converts Access reports to Crystal Reports
Crystal Converter Converts RPTs into SQL Server Reporting Services XML

Connecting to specialized data:
Data2CR Allows you to read Cobol data files with Crystal Reports
QODBC for QuickBooks Allows you to read QuickBooks data
QQube Transforns QuickBooks data into a data warehouse, optimized for reporting

BarCode and MICR Fonts:

ID Automation Fontware
List of FREE Barcode Fonts and other info (see the barcode button )
Azalea Fonts
Free EAN13 Barcode Font released under GPL/GNU
Wasp Fontware Pro+ for Barcodes Free MICR Font (for printing Checks) released under GPL

Formula UFLs: Read my annual feature comparison for Formula UFLs, done every November
U2lwin32 UFL 38 additional functions including: read/write text files, read/write registry values, run applications
CUT light UFL   97 additional functions including: Email, read/write text files, read registry, get User ID, run apps and SQL
Chelsea Tech UFLs 8 separate UFLs with 20 additional functions including: Email, read/write XML, read registry and text files
CrystalKiwi UFLs 3 separate UFLs with functions for Table of Contents, Index and merging export files
CrystalTweet Allows you to send a Twitter message from within your report formulas.
CRUFLMAG Allows you to strip punctuation from a string.

Misc. Tools for Crystal Reports:
CView Pick - Refreshes the parameter pick list in a group of reports.
Mailing Label Template Reports from WorldLabel
CRChart 3.0  -- Adds many additional charting capabilitie to Crystal Reports
Enhanced Mapping Features
OctoTools for Bursting directly to specified folders in PDF Format
Crystal Translator  - Language translation manager for report text objects
Phrase ExpressLibrary for storing formulas and other commonly used phrases.  Paste into any application.