Preventing Drill-Down

Thursday 13 May 2010 @ 6:28 am

Drill-Down is a wonderful feature, but it can confuse those who don’t expect it.  Even when you suppress sections a user can drill-down to an empty screen and not realize what they have done.  Or they will accidentally drill down when the details are not hidden.  They end up on a new tab and don’t know how to get back.

The simplest solution I have found is to cover all the fields in the group header or group footer with a single large text object and make sure it is in front of the the other objects.  Crystal won’t drill-down on a text object so putting this in front of all of the fields prevents the user form using any object in this section to launch a drill-down  – intentionally or accidentally.

And if your users will be running their reports from within CR it is also a good idea to make the text object “Read Only”.  This way they won’t double click by mistake and edit the text.

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