Vertical lines hang down too low at the bottom of the page

Friday 28 December 2007 @ 4:20 pm

Many people want to have vertical lines that run through all of the detail records in a report and so they draw lines that cross over the details, going from header to footer. But a problem arises when the details carry over a page break. Lines that cross over the Details section may extend below the last Detail of the page, down to the page footer. This is especially likely to happen when you have a deep Details section. This is because a deep section may not fit at the bottom of the page, leaving a large white space. Lines that cross over the Details section will continue through this space.

The alternative approach is to have the lines contained completely within the Details section. This way the lines will appear only where the details sections appear, and not between them. The tricky part is making the short line within a single Detail section seem like a continuous line. There are three steps to make this happen.

1) In design mode, draw a short vertical line that is completely within the details section.

2) Right-click on the line and select “Size and position”. Set the “Y” value to zero. This ensures that the top of the line touches the top of the section.

3) Right-click on the line again and select “Format > Line”. Check the property that says “Extend to bottom of section…”. This ensures that the bottom of the line touches the bottom of the section.

Now each line will touch the line above and the line below, giving the appearance of one continuous line.

There are several other handy tricks for managing lines and boxes in a report. Give me a call if you need some help in this area.

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