CR Server runs SSRS Reports?

Tuesday 13 July 2010 @ 10:04 am

I just read a blog post by Blair Wheadon of SAP.  They want to encourage migration from Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services to Crystal Reports so they have introduced a way to run SSRS reports from within the CR Server environment.  This is intended to cushion the transition and means that you can get your reports and dashboards accessible from one system.  Note that this does NOT import the SSRS reports or convert them.  It just links to them so the run in the SQL Server environment.

What I found interesting is Blair’s explanation of how CR Server is a better solution – even going so far as to claim a lower TCO.  That is an interesting claim when you consider that SSRS is free for most users who are already paying for their SQL Server license.   If anyone would like to weigh in on either side of this issue, let me know.

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