Recent upgrades available for popular third party utilities

Wednesday 30 January 2008 @ 12:53 pm

One of my most visited pages is my list of third party products and many of you are either using them or have tried them. In January three of these vendors released upgrades that you should be aware of:

Three D Graphics, Inc. has released CRChart Plus v3.1 with many performance and aesthetic enhancements. Three D Graphics is the vendor that makes the charting DLL used by Crystal Reports (and several other vendors as well) and so they have created an enhanced DLL that they sell as an upgrade.

Easy Street Software has upgraded their viewer to EasyView v2, with full support for XI, enhanced scheduling and command line parameters. The price is now $39 but you get a 10% discount if you use my discount code of HAM540.

PhraseExpress has released version 5 of their phrase management tool which now has a Clipboard Cache, Terminal Server Support and even says it can now automatically recognize common phrases that you use and will suggest an auto-fill for them (I haven’t tried this feature).

If you have feedback on any of the third party products listed on my LINKS page, or a tool that I have missed, please let me know.

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