Crystal Reports Knowledge Base moved to SAP support

Saturday 12 July 2008 @ 2:00 pm

If you are used to searching the Business objects KB for CR technical info you will need to look in a new place. SAP, the new owners of Business objects, has incorporated the BO Support information (including Crystal Reports) into the SAP Support system. All links to the old support pages are forwarded to the new system’s front page, so if you have links to specific documents or KB articles, these will have to be updated.

The new location has forums, a Wiki, and other things that I haven’t really looked at yet. If you check it out and find anything interesting, let me know.

Update – according to this article, it isn’t just the KB that was moved, but the entire BO Support system, (including all support tickets) has been moved. The author of the article says that transition isn’t going very smoothly.

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