Crystal Reports Server 2008 (& prices)

Monday 21 July 2008 @ 11:31 pm

As I mentioned last month, the promotional price of Crystal Reports Server XI was a clear indication that CR Server 2008 was about to be released. The official release of Crystal Reports Server 2008 came on 7/16 and there is a 30 day free trial now available on the Business Objects web site.

The main improvement in the new version (over Crystal Reports Server XI) is the ability of the user to now take advantage of the interactive features available in the CR 2008 report designer. Things like interactive parameters or sort controls that allows interactive changes, in preview mode, without having to refresh the data.

CR Server 2008 can be purchased in Named User Licenses (NULS) or Concurrent Access Licenses (CALS). If you have 5 NULs you are licensing five specific people and only those people can use the software (no sharing). If you have 5 CALs you are licensing up to 5 people at a time using the server, regardless of who they are. As you can imagine an CAL costs more than a NUL.

Named User price examples:
5 – $2,495
10 – $4,990
20 – $9,980
100 – $39,995

Concurrent User price examples:
5 – $6,495
10 – $11,495
20 – $17,995 (the most CAL you can purchase)

Don’t forget to add the 22% for annual maintenance.

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