Drawing tables in a Crystal Report

Thursday 10 February 2011 @ 8:19 am

One of my readers, David White, is a Crystal Developer in the UK.  Apparently his reports often include data presented in table figures with the numbers all separated by horizontal and vertical lines.  He was frustrated by the fact that Crystal Reports doesn’t have a Table drawing object to create all the boxes.  He quickly found that drawing a table using lines and boxes can be a challenge, especially if you want the lines equally spaced and the edges to meet precisely.  But over time he has developed a method that helps him generate tables that look great and don’t involve premature hair loss.  He has written it up as an article, complete with screen shots, and generously allowed me to post it for my readers on my Other Links page.   The article is entitled Quest for the Perfect Table.

Note that this probably works best for a table that is contained within one section (like a report footer) and will therefore print on one page.  Continuous tables that have to split over multiple pages might need to use a different method.

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