Microsoft Update, then v9 and v10 stop working?

Sunday 17 August 2008 @ 10:27 pm

I normally install multiple versions of Crystal Reports on my current machine. This allows me to test reports for clients who may be using older versions of Crystal. Currently I have versions 8.5 through 12 on my Vista laptop and have only had minor problems running them. But as of this week versions 9 and 10 no longer load. I get an error related to keycode.dll. From what I gather I have to uninstall and reinstall these versions to solve the problem, but that means uninstalling 4 versions so that they can be reinstalled in chronological order. Fortunately version 8.5 still works fine and that is the one I use most after version 12. This is because 9-11 are all compatible with v12.

So, I can’t say for sure what caused the change because I haven’t used these versions in a few weeks, but I did get some updates from Microsoft just one day before those versions stopped working. If anyone else has recently seen this error drop me a note. Maybe we can figure out the cause.

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