New Crystal Reports licensing overview

Friday 1 April 2011 @ 9:10 pm

Blair Wheadon of SAP has published an updated overview of Crystal Reports licensing terms.  He does a good job and covers multiple versions and editions.  So this is a good place to start if you have question on product licenses.  If this doesn’t answer your questions I might be able to help (I actually read them).

My only other comment on this article is that SAP still has not given up trying to add a hefty fee to every Crystal Reports course book produced  by anyone.  They try to do this by adding restrictions within the product license covering the use of screen shots.  So, Blair reminds us that ‘commercial course material’ is the only medium that is not allowed to use these images.  And if someone insists on creating course material for Crystal Reports, SAP will want to charge a significant fee.  One vendor who wanted to be ‘authorized’ was selling Crystal course materials for $65.  As soon as they were authorized their price went to $98, and they are now at $140  for a single book.  Fortunately there are several companies that ignore SAP on this and sell more reasonably priced books for $55 to $80.

Personally, I have never felt screen shots to be essential, so my course books have been without images for 16 years and thousands of satisfied students.

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