When “Repeat Group Header” won’t repeat

Tuesday 5 September 2006 @ 8:51 am

A new customer was doing a report by Sales Rep where the details carried over to multiple pages. They want the Sales Rep’s name to repeat on the top of each page throughout the group. So, they used the group option called “repeat group header on each new page”. Then they asked me why this didn’t work on the last page of each group. They had found one of the limitations of this feature. Crystal Reports will only repeat the Group Header on a new page if there is at least one Detail on that page. If the last page of a group has only the Group Footer, then the Group Header will not repeat onto that page.

If you want group information to appear on EVERY page of the group, including a final page with no details, the solution is simple. You move the information from the (repeating) Group Header to the Page Header. Anything you put in a Page Header will appear on the top of each page. And if it is something group specific, like the Group Name Field it will automatically take the value associated with the current group.

The only problem with using the Page Header this way comes when you also have a section of grand totals in the Report Footer. This is because the grand totals might be the only thing printing on the last page. So in the report mentioned above you might have the name of the last sales rep on the last page when all that prints on that page is the grand totals. When this happens you need to suppress the Page Header when the grand totals are the only thing on the last page. For more on this method see my Expert Techniques vol. III, Article 82.

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