CR XI dynamic parameters in CR Server 2008

Tuesday 30 August 2011 @ 10:23 am
A customer called me after calling SAP for support. She had recently upgraded to CR Server 2008 from XI and everything seemed to work fine, except for the dynamic parameters.   She told me that SAP recommended setting up business views within CR Server and then changing the reports to use the business views to feed the dynamic parameters.  This would have been a significant investment in time and so she wanted a second opinion. 

I could see some wisdom in SAP’s advice,  but I couldn’t imagine that it was the only solution to getting her reports to run correctly.  After asking her a few more questions I realized that the reports were still XI reports.  I asked her if she had tried opening and saving the reports within the CR 2008 designer before publishing them to CR Server 2008.  I figured it was a long shot since the SAP technician didn’t suggest it, but it was a simple thing to try.   Well sure enough that solved the problem.  Apparently the file format makes a difference, at least for dynamic parameters.



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