Running v8.5 reports in later versions of CR

Thursday 22 December 2011 @ 11:21 pm

This week I had a customer who was having trouble getting some version 8.5 reports to run on another another computer using CR v11.  The report wouldn’t connect to a new data source consistently.  So I gave him the following steps that seemed to clear up the problem. Here they are in case someone else has a similar situation.

Any time you need to run a v8.5 report in a later version of CR the first step is to change the version of the RPT.  To do this open the old report in the new version of CR, save it immediately under a new name and then close it.  Do all of this before you make any other changes to the report.  The reason for this is that the RPT structure has been changed dramatically between v8.5 and v11. Trying to make updates to v8.5 RPT while working in v11 can lead to errors, especially when you are changing data connectivity.  But if  you save, close and reopen the RPT file you will be working with an RPT that matches the version of your designer engine.

Then, if needed, you can set the location of the report to the new data source.  To do this I would first confirm that the new data source is working by creating and previewing a simple report using one of the tables in the new data source.  Next, make sure you are connected to the new data source before try to set the location of the upgraded report.  Last set the location of the report from the original connection to the new connection (Database > Set Location).

If you still have trouble after following these steps, let me know.  In general, you can upgrade just about any report to a later version of CR, but when you are skipping several versions it might take a bit more work.

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