Errors in a PeachTree upgrade.

Wednesday 1 February 2012 @ 8:00 am

I have quite a few customers who use PeachTree Accounting and PeachTree comes with Crystal Reports. So I have developed a bit of a specialty creating custom reports for people who use PeachTree. In January I saw something new.  PeachTree eliminated a field in their database that has been there for ages. The field is called QtyOrdered and it shows the Quantity of each item on an order. But starting  with the new 2012 product this field doesn’t exist and you have to use another Quantity field in its place.  The challenge was that there are a handful of different “quantity” fields to pick from so it took some experimenting to find the right one (JrnlRow.Quantity).

This means that any custom reports that use the original field will generate an error.  To run the report you have to edit all formulas and features that use QtyOrdered, and replace it with the new field.  If you need help with this change, or with creating custom reports from PeachTree, please give me a call.

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