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Wednesday 15 February 2012 @ 9:52 am

One of my customers recently asked me how quickly I thought people were going to the newer versions of CR.  I didn’t really have any basis to answer him, so I was pleased last week when one of my LinkedIn groups started a survey, asking people to select their primary version of CR.  After nearly 100 responses I was surprised to see the persistence of version 11 (XI) which is shows up as the primary version in use.  This is a full 7 years after XI was released.

Only then did I remember that I ask my newsletter subscribers to list their version when they sign up.  So I did my own analysis based on the 1200 users that answered this question in the past 5 years.  I used the same 5 categories used in the LinkedIn survey.  You would think that since I am only counting new subscribers each year, that the data would skew slightly toward newer versions.  But version XI is still a clear winner, even when looking at the new subscribers so far this year.

Also note that as version 14 starts to appear, its increase seems to come at the expense of version 12 more than version 11(XI).  I currently don’t have an explanation for the persistence of version XI (I prefer v12/CR 2008) but if I come up with a plausible explanation I will share it.

Chart of CR versions by year

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  1. MHurwood - February 16th, 2012 at 11:19 pm

    Hi Ken,

    As I understand things, V11/11.5 (aka V11R2) was the last version to support the “old style” RDC component, which is what C/C++ programmers (or indeed most non-.NET devleopers) would be using in their products.

    Crystal V12 went very .NET centric in a big way, discarding the old RDC component. But of course, as a “new” product the .NET RDC was/is a bit buggy, so if you’re doing .NET development then you’d want to move onto V14 to get the latest bug fixes.

    So basically I think you’re seeing .NET developers moving on to V14, and non-.NET developers continuing to stick with V11/11.5.



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