Searching your reports for SQL phrases and ‘saved data’ values

Thursday 12 April 2012 @ 2:56 pm

A customer recently contacted me with a strange problem caused by one specific report.   The report was generating SQL that caused the database to slow.  The could see the SQL statement in the log, but they were having a hard time determining which report was generating that particular SQL statement (they have lots of reports).   They asked if there was a tool that could search through the SQL generated by a group of reports to find a specific SQL phrase.

I was doubtful, because this SQL is not stored in the RPT file.  It is generated on the fly.  So to do this, a tool would need to open the report and connect to the specific data connection so that the correct SQL could be generated.  The only tool that came to mind was Find it EZ.  I wrote another post a few months back about how Find it EZ could search for tables and fields  in SQL Expressions and commands.  I wasn’t sure that it would work for the SQL generated on the fly by CR, but I figured it was worth checking.  I was pleased to find that Find it EZ will, in fact, do this.

They have also recently added the capability to search the saved data stored in a report for specific data values.  For more information about Find itEZ and other RPT file management tools, you should read  my review of this product category.

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