Using Visual Cut to turn Email messages into useable data

Monday 13 August 2012 @ 12:41 pm

Millet software has added an interesting feature to Visual Cut. Visual Cut has always had the ability to send out Emails from a Crystal Report.  Now it can collect incoming Emails from an Email server and use them to build a database table from the incoming messages. These tables can be created in MS Access, Oracle or SQL Server and can be used to update existing data or to create new reports.  The table structure has 20+ fields which means plenty of detail for analysis.  Here are two examples of how this could be used:

1) Set up several “MailTo” links on a web page or a similar document.  Design each one so that when clicked, a preset Email message is sent to a specific account. Visual Cut can then retrieve all those messages and build a table out of the clicks.  This could be used to allow users to update the database or to request a report.

2) Build a “MailTo” into a message or attachment sent out by Visual Cut.  When the recipient click those “MailTo” links, a preset Email is sent to the specified accounts.  You can use Visual Cut to collect those responses and build them into a table.   This could be used to get feedback or track approvals.

Once the table is built, Visual Cut can read them to update an existing database based on the results, or you can read these tables directly to generate summary information.   See this link for a more detailed explanation and several other examples.

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