Report processing flow chart dropped from the CR help file?

Tuesday 14 August 2012 @ 10:40 pm

I was teaching a lesson today about variables and evaluation times for a remote student.  One of the things I like to use during this lesson is a diagram from the CR help file.  It is called the “Multi-pass reporting flow chart” and is found at the end of the section called the “Report Processing Model”.    The diagram shows the specific steps that a report goes through from beginning to end, and which steps are considered part of each evaluation time.

So I was surprised to find that the diagram was not listed in its usual place in the help file contents.  I didn’t spend much time looking for it, since I couldn’t imagine that there was a more appropriate place.  I figured that the diagram was dropped from CR 2011.  It may be that it has been moved, but just in case, I decided to post it on my website.  That way if I am teaching a class on-site and I don’t have it I can still use it in class.

I won’t be able to check it here because after evaluating CR 2011 I decided to hold off on the upgrade.  There are so few changes that I didn’t feel it was urgent.    So if someone out there is using CR 2011 and finds this diagram somewhere in the help file, I won’t mind being proven wrong.

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