Named User Licensing in CR 2011

Tuesday 21 August 2012 @ 2:31 pm

A colleague in LinkedIn was concerned about the wording in the CR 2011 license.  He had read my article on NULs (Named User Licenses) and it wasn’t clear if this was still applicable to CR 2011.  I read the license and figured it was worth clarifying again, so I sent the following message to sales at SAP:

What I am looking for is a copy of the EULA (the license agreement).  I want to see for myself if the NUL license model has changed before I tell my customers and readers whether or not upgrade.

You see in CR XI and CR 2008 a user is allowed to install a single copy of CR on several machines as long as only the “Named User” is using the product in all places.  This was confirmed by the product team in an Email to me several years ago.  However this week another user said that the CR 2011 license is restricted to a “single install” rather than a Named User, and I found that surprising.  I want to read the current license for CR 2011 to see for myself if this has been changed.  Can you send me a copy?

Here is the response that I received:

This is the link to download the Clickwrap Agreement for Business Objects software, Crystal Reports 2011 included.

In addition, here is the Software Use Rights document.

Your definition of Named User Licensing of Crystal Reports is consistent with the EULA which you should be able to find in a standard Crystal Reports 2011 installation (C:/Program Files (x86)/SAP BusinessObjects/Crystal Reports 2011/license/en/).  [emphasis is mine]

So it appears that despite some wording changes, it is still fine for an individual to install CR designer on several PCs if he is the only user.

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