Rediscovering a long forgotten UFL

Sunday 25 November 2012 @ 4:12 pm

I have been writing about UFLs now for several years.  So I was a bit chagrined this week when I realized that I have been hosting a UFL on my site since 2002 and never thought to include it in the review.  This UFL was written by Paul Birch who was with a group in the UK called Maginus Software Solutions.  He gave me a free copy and also allowed me to host a copy for others to use on my site.  It has been on my LINKS page ever since.  I just tested it and it works just fine in versions 8.5, 10 and 12 so I am guessing it will work in other versions as well.

The main reason I found it useful is that it has a function that will strip out any punctuation from a string.  I think it does this by only allowing English characters, numbers and spaces.  If you deal with international character sets this might not work as expected, but it might still have some uses.  Here is the complete list of functions that it adds.  Note that nearly half are now standard functions in CR:

String Functions:
MAGStrLCaseConversion(str)       – converts text to lower case.
MAGStrUCaseConversion(str)       – converts text to upper case.
MAGStrPuncRemove(str)            – strips all punctuation from a string.
MAGStrInitCaps(str)           – makes first letter of a string a Captial.
MAGStrRemSpaces(str)           – remove all spaces from a string.

Date Functions:
MAGDateHumanToOracle(Date)        – converts a human 01/01/2000 date to oracle.
MAGDateOracleToHuman(OracleDate)  – converts an Oracle date to human.

INI file Functions
MAGIniGetValue(strFileName, strAppName, strKeyName)    - Return the value from a .ini file.
MAGIniPutValue(strFileName, strAppName, strKeyName, strValue) – Put a value in an .ini file.

Also note that this function was written a decade ago and has been largely forgotten since then.  It still works fine, but it was never supported by Maginus.  Not even sure the folks at Maginus would remember it.  You can download this UFL from my LINKS page.

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