Sage/PeachTree drops CR, adds a new BI tool.

Monday 21 April 2014 @ 8:43 pm

PeachTree Accounting, now known as Sage Accounting, has a long history of using CR as a reporting engine for custom reports.  Sage currently comes with some standard Crystal Reports already written for you, and makes them available directly from the Sage menu.  But according to an Email forwarded to me by one of my customers, this is about to change.  Sage 50 2015 will no longer come with a version of Crystal reports. Instead Sage is providing an Excel based reporting tool called Sage 50 Business Intelligence.  You will still be able to use Crystal if you purchase it yourself, or if you already have a copy from previous version of Sage.  You can read the details in this CBA Blog post.

One concern was that Sage would stop supporting their custom functions.  These are necessary for things like Quantity on Hand and Cost of Goods. I have written about some of these in the past.  But Dave Smith at Phase One Computing Services was able to confirm that Sage is going to continue to provide an option to install these functions for users who still want to use Crystal.  See the screenshot below from the 2015 version of Sage.



This screen and password process was added in 2010 according to Goldstar Software.

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