Automatically fill in “Overridden Qualified Table Names”

Monday 7 July 2014 @ 10:55 pm

This post will only be useful for developers who create reports that need to be launched from an application. I have written before about property called “Overriden Qualified Table Names” or OQTN. Filling in this property makes it easier to point the report to a different connection at runtime. The OQTN property starts out empty for each table. To use it you go into the properties of a table in “Set Datasource Location” and enter that table’s name into the OQTN property. You have to do this for each table, view or stored procedure in the report. It surprises me that this property isn’t filled in automatically at the time the table is added, like the table alias property.

A few months back a user contacted me because they had over 100 reports and each report had lots of tables. They wondered if there was a way to automatically fill in all of the OQTN properties without doing it manually. I asked the developers at FindItEZ and they have decided to add this feature to their new release. So now FindItEZ can take a a folder of reports and automatically fill in the OQTN property for every table, view and stored procedure used in those reports.

For more information about FindItEZ and other RPT Management tools, see my feature comparison.

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