Two new report management tools

Tuesday 7 October 2014 @ 9:28 am

The developers at R-Tag have released two new tools for managing reports.

The first, R-Tag Crystal Reports Documentation and Search, is for searching and documenting reports. For example you can find all the reports with Saved Data, or PaperSize = A4 or the expression BackColor = CrSilver.  It supports search in text, formulas, SQLExpressions, table names and any other report property.  The price is $299 for the first user and $49 for any other user.

The second, R-Tag Crystal Reports Version Control, is a full source code management system like Visual Source Safe. It provides the ability to check reports in and out, keep all prior versions, restore previous versions and check for changes between the versions.  In addition it includes all of the features of R-Tag Crystal Search. It costs $999.

Both are available for purchase on their web site.

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