ReCrystallize Light

Thursday 23 October 2014 @ 10:54 pm

ReCrystallize has just released a simplified edition called ReCrystallize Light. Like ReCrystallize Pro, it generates a web page for each of your reports. These pages allow your users to run, refresh and export those reports on demand from your intranet, extranet, or SharePoint site. The Light edition doesn’t have all the features of ReCrystallize Pro but it is simpler to use and less expensive.

So what features are only found in the Pro edition? For a complete list of differences between the Light and Pro you can see the comparison posted on the ReCrystallize Web site. Some key features found only in the Pro edition include the ability to:

  • Run reports that use more than one database connection.
  • Change the database connection/DSN/server name at runtime.
  • Create customized forms for parameters.
  • Pass hidden parameter values within a URL or from an application.

If you need any of these you will need to upgrade to the Pro edition. Otherwise you might want to give the Light Edition a try. Either way there is a free trial.

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