Java script error on the Crystal Reports start page

Wednesday 19 November 2014 @ 11:32 am

One of my customers sent me a question about an error message they got when they went to open a report. I recognized it as an error I had seen recently on a customer’s workstation. Then today I closed and reopened Crystal and got the same error message. For those of you who open reports by double clicking the RPT file it might seem that there is a problem with report, but this is a problem you will see anytime the CR designer starts.

I have written before about how the Crystal Reports start page will request internet access and try to load dynamic content (ie ads).   I showed users how to prevent the start page from requesting internet access by renaming a few files.  What we are seeing today is that there is apparently a problem with some java script in the way that dynamic content is loaded.  Once SAP fixes the problem the error should go away.  In the meantime if you just stop the script the reports should load and run fine.  If you don’t want the start page to load web content you can use the method in the post mentioned above.

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