Group Tree takes you to the wrong page

Saturday 20 December 2014 @ 6:30 pm

I recently had a report grouped by Employee with one page per employee. Each Employee showed up in the group tree on the left of the screen. But every time we clicked on an employee in the group tree, we ended up on the page of the employee just BEFORE the one we wanted. I thought it was a glitch to I changed the group options, then closed the report and eventually closed CR completely.  The problem didn’t go away so I realized it was something in the report.

After some experiments I realized what was going on. The report was printing one page per employee and printing only the group footer. But there was no actual “new page after” checked for the group footer. There was one employee per page only because the group footer was so large that only one group footer could fit on a page. So it mimicked a page break.

But the group tree doesn’t take you to the group footer of the group, it takes you to the Group Header. And in this report the Group Header for each employee was suppressed. So as soon as each Group Footer finished on a page, the next Group Header would start right below it. And because it was suppressed, it would always fit on the prior page.

So the Group Tree took us to this (invisible) Group Header which was always on the page before the corresponding group footer. All we had to do to solve the problem was check “new page after” for the Group Footer and that moved the (invisible) Group Header to the next page, right above the corresponding Group Footer. And then the Group Tree worked as expected.

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