SAP systems vulnerable to cyber attacks?

Friday 8 May 2015 @ 11:38 am

Crystal Reports is owned by Business Objects and Business Objects is now part of SAP.  So I notice when SAP makes the news.

A study by Onapsis Research Labs, reported by Help Net Security finds that 95% of SAP systems are exposed to vulnerabilities. It lists the top 3 vectors for attacks and discusses the operational problems that contribute to these vulnerabilities.  Sounds serious.

On the same day I read an unrelated story about another cyber security company, called Tiversa. According to a former Tiversa employee, the company used extortion, punishing companies that didn’t purchase their services by reporting their vulnerabilities to the FTC. Now there there are calls for a federal investigation.

That makes me read reports of security vulnerabilities through an entirely different lens.  There has always been a fine line between protection and a protection racket.

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