PeopleSoft dropping support for Crystal Reports

Wednesday 27 May 2015 @ 9:24 pm

If you are using Crystal Reports to read PeopleSoft data you may be in for a nasty surprise soon. Once you upgrade to PeopeTools 8.55 you will no longer be able to use Crystal Reports.

According to this support thread (available to users with support subscriptions) there will be no way to connect to the PeopleSoft security layer in PT8.55. And the process scheduler will no longer recognize Crystal Reports. Users are being told that they will have to replace Crystal Reports with Oracle’s BI Publisher tool, but I am being told that BIP can’t match the features of Crystal Reports. I am going to ask for some specific examples and will try to incorporate the Oracle BI Publisher into my comparison of reporting tools.

If this affects you, it might not hurt to let your contacts at PeopleSoft know.

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