RPT management for the enterprise level

Tuesday 23 June 2015 @ 11:42 pm

Next month I will be reviewing all of the RPT management utilities, and there is one new product this year. Find it EZ has recently released Dev Surge Enterprise 2015 which is designed to work with SAP’s enterprise level software products (BOE Enterprise and CR Server).  It does everything that the original Code Search Pro does, but adds a number of features including:

  • Reading reports contained in Crystal Server 2008 through 2013 repositories
  • Reading reports contained in BOE XI 3.0 through BOBJ BI 4.1 repositories.
  • Reporting on the properties of BOE Infoview Crystal Report schedules
  • Reporting on user security access to BOE Infoview Reports and shortcuts
  • Reading reports contained in several version control systems (VSS, git, etc)
  • Doing report comparisons

Dev Surge Enterprise 2015 costs $468 and more information is available on the product web page.

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