Export file names forced to lower case

Sunday 12 July 2015 @ 11:55 pm

This only affects those of you using older versions of Crystal Reports, up through XI. This includes those of you who have the runtime engine from one of these older versions in your application.

In current versions of Crystal you can export a file to a spreadsheet or PDF and type in any file name you want. If you want to use upper case, lower case or mixed case Crystal will save the file exactly as you typed it. But in older versions the file name is converted to lower case regardless of how you type it. I tested this in v10 and v12 and got two different results. I then checked the ‘Options’ menu and looked through the registry to see if there was any way to turn this feature off. I found nothing.

You would think this would have come up before, but I never noticed it. I guess exported file names, whether in upper or lower case, were never critical to what I was doing. But apparently some people find this frustrating. The only solution is to upgrade to CR 2008 or later.

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