Comparing Crystal to other reporting tools

Saturday 15 August 2015 @ 12:17 am

Three months ago I mentioned plans for a new comparison matrix. The goal of this new matrix is to compare the features of Crystal Reports to the features of other reporting tools. I hope to find the right list of features to highlight the key differences in the products.

I am now ready to release the first draft of the matrix to get things rolling. I have also published a glossary defining the features included in this current draft. There are still blanks and questions, and the feature list will evolve, but I think we have a good start. The current matrix includes Crystal Reports and 5 other competing products:

  • SQL Server Reporting Services (Report Builder)
  • MS Access (reporting feature)
  • QlikView
  • List and Label
  • R&R ReportWorks

There are also blank columns for Oracle BI Publisher and Tableau.  I plan to start those next (with some help).  If you are proficient in any of these tools (or another competing tool) here are the ways that you can help out:

You can fill in part or all of an empty column
You can review columns that are complete and see if any features are marked incorrectly.
You can suggest new feature rows that you think will highlight the differences in the products.
You can suggest an additional tool like the ones below.

LogiXML Ad Hoc
Cognos Impromptu
Windward Reports
Target Reports
Zoho reports
Fast Reports

I will add tools based on interest level, and the availability of someone to review the features.


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