SAP “Idea Place”

Saturday 16 January 2016 @ 2:26 pm

I haven’t mentioned SAP’s “Idea Place” in a couple of years. This is a site where you can suggest product features or improvements. Once an idea is submitted, people can vote on them and add comments. Once an idea has 20 votes SAP considers that feature and then responds (eventually). SAP just recently responded to Idea #D1146, creating an XML-based file format as an alternative to the proprietary RPT format. This was submitted five years ago and SAP responded in late December. The response is that they will NOT be implementing this feature.

On a positive note, I wrote about some of the new features being planned for CR 2016. Two of them (vertical alignment and conditional formatting for lines/boxes) are in the top 10 “most votes” ideas, so maybe SAP does listen.

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