2016 updates to Find it EZ

Monday 15 February 2016 @ 3:30 pm

Find it EZ Software has released a 2016 edition for their product suite. They are now offering the software in three tiers:

  • Code Search Pro Desktop
  • Code Search Pro Server
  • Dev Surge 365 Enterprise

You can download a comparison of the three tiers for more specifics. So what is new?

Dev Surge 365:
This is a new offering that covers all the features of the previous products. It adds the ability to mass update connection information within a BOE repository (Server, DB UID, PWD). It can do this at the report level or at the scheduled event level. It also adds the ability to do mass comparisons of objects. This includes Crystal Reports, database objects, several programming languages and office documents. In all cases you can drill down to granular differences between the objects. It runs on Windows desktop or Windows Server OS.

In all three editions you can now go beyond extracting the SQL from report expressions and commands. You can also now extract the SQL from database objects, like views and stored procedures that are called by the report. So now you can keep track of the fields used by a report, even if that field is only mentioned in SQL stored in the database.

Free trials are available on the Find it EZ website.

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