Linking tables without dragging

Wednesday 9 March 2016 @ 11:46 pm

Unless you are using a command, you will need to link your tables in the “Links” tab of the Database Expert. And typically you create the link by dragging a field from one table and dropping it on a field from another table. This works fine in most cases, but can be awkward when:

  • The tables are far apart and not visible at the same time, like when you add a new table
  • The field you are linking to is near the top or bottom edge of the table
  • You are working on a slow connection

The first item usually requires dragging tables around the window, which is slow.  In the second case the table has a tendency to scroll up or down quickly when you drag a field near the top or bottom edge.  In the last case a slow connection or a screen delay can interrupt the signal, causing the field to drop in the wrong spot.  All three of these can be fixed by using a nifty feature added to recent versions of CR.

When you want to drag Field A and drop it on Field B you can right click on Field A and in the fly-out menu you will see the words “Start Link”.  You select that and then scroll around until you see Field B.  Then you right-click on Field B and select “End Link”.  This will create a link between those two tables, wherever they are on the screen.  You can then hit “Auto Arrange” to bring the newly joined tables closer together.

And here are some other tips that you can use on the LINKS tab.

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