Additional parameter values are needed ….

Sunday 13 August 2017 @ 11:42 pm

If you refresh certain reports and then try to save the report with data you may get the following error:

“Additional parameter values are needed before this report can be saved or viewed with data….”

The error seems to occur only in certain versions of Crystal.  If you see this message and want to save the report with data Crystal will make you choose parameter values again, which means running the report an additional time. With some reports this is a significant waste of time.

I saw this recently with a customer who said it was worth a bit of research if we could prevent the error. The answer I found did solve the problem for that specific report so I thought it was worth sharing. It was caused by a date parameter set to “allow range values”. When we replaced the single “range” parameter with two single-value date parameters (“Begin Date” and “End Date”) the problem went a way. To confirm this I changed the parameter back to a range and the problem reappeared.

This might not work for every situation where this error appears, but it is certainly worth a try if you see this message.

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