New Crystal Reports viewer

Tuesday 24 October 2017 @ 11:38 pm

APB Reports has released a new viewer called CR Dispatch. CR Dispatch takes a different approach to viewing your reports, since it has a minimal user interface that only appears the first time you run a report. After that it provides a secure way to run a specific RPT with one click.

The first time you run the application (.EXE) it asks you to select an RPT file. It then creates a config file that stores the report name and (optionally) the credentials used to run it. The next time you run that .EXE it silently runs that same report with the stored credentials. This means that you need multiple copies of the EXE file, one for each report you want to run. The EXE and RPT are stored together in a folder, with a separate folder for each RPT file. This works best for users with a small number of reports to run, or if you are setting up reports for a user and want a very simple setup.

Here is a demo video of CR Dispatch in action.

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