140+ registry keys for Crystal Reports

Sunday 18 October 2020 @ 10:13 pm

In my last post I wrote about overriding the limit on List of Values for a dynamic parameter. That requires changing a registry key. In doing the research for that post I found an SAP web page that lists 140+ registry keys for Crystal Reports. Most of the keys have a short comment about their purpose and a link to a knowledge-base article.  Unfortunately, many of the articles no longer exist on the SAP web site.

Some of the keys are esoteric, and won’t be useful to most users. But I found a few that I thought were interesting.

For instance, I have written about something called the ‘batch interface’ for parameters. This is the little control panel that appears whenever you have more than 200 values in your parameters list. This control shows you the values in batches of 200. Apparently the number 200 is a registry value that you can change using the node and key:

…\Crystal Reports\Reportview\ – PromptingLOVBatchSize (200)

Then there are several nodes that remember where toolbars and formula editor panels were located the last time they were used. They should open in the same place the next time. But sometimes when you change screen resolution or switch from two monitors to one, these locations might be off the screen.  The following registry settings are sometimes helpful in getting them back.

…\Crystal Reports\Formula Workshop

Editor Position (10,10,10,10)

…\Crystal Reports\Formula Workshop\Formula\

Field Tree: Toolbar-Bar2
Function Tree: Toolbar-Bar3
Operator Tree: Toolbar-Bar4 – Docking Style (f000)

You can check out the complete list on the page above.  And if you do decide to experiment with your registry – make sure you create a backup of it first.

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