Update to my SQL functions “cheat sheet”

Friday 22 January 2021 @ 11:25 pm

Today I had to use a SQL Command to create a report. This isn’t unusual since a query of even moderate complexity will often require that you use a SQL command. But, the extra challenge today was that the database was DB2 and I don’t often work with that flavor of SQL.

Even though SQL is considered a “standard” language, every database has different function names and different syntax. A few years ago I created a “cheat sheet” that lists the most common SQL functions for the 7 SQL flavors I encounter the most:

  • SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • MS Access
  • Pervasive
  • Progress
  • PostgeSQL

I added an 8th column for DB2 a while ago, but then I didn’t get any opportunities to use DB2 SQL so that column remained empty. Today while I was testing functions and syntax for my new command I decided to see how much of that DB2 column I could fill in.  I did some and then Greg Nash from Australia provided some more. It is now fairly complete and I have posted the updated sheet on my site. Please download a copy if you think it will be useful.

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