CRChart for Crystal Reports 2020

Wednesday 24 February 2021 @ 5:12 pm

Three D Graphics is a software developer that specializes in data-driven graphic software (charts and graphs). They are the vendor that created the charting DLL used in every version of Crystal Reports (and several of Crystal’s competitors as well). They also sell an enhanced DLL called CRChart. It upgrades the standard DLL that comes with Crystal Reports, adding special capabilities and new chart types.

Now that the 64-bit Crystal Reports 2020 is out, a 64-bit version of CRChart has been released. You can still purchase the original (32-bit) version of CRChart if you are using an older version of Crystal. So, if you want your reports to generate waterfall charts, Gannt charts or transparent overlapping area charts you might want to look at the capabilities of CRChart.

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