U2lwin32 recompiled for 64-bit, available to test

Wednesday 23 June 2021 @ 8:31 pm

Last week I invited developers to recompile the source code for this free 32-bit UFL into a 64-bit version of the same DLL.  Today someone sent me a DLL they had compiled and I have posted it on my site.  I consider it a Beta version since he only tested the function he needed (FileAppendLine).  But there are 37 other functions included in the dll. The developer also admitted that “the code still assumes a 32-bit word length”, which might cause problems on some of the functions.

I can’t test it yet since I haven’t upgraded to CR 2020. But if you have CR2020 and want to try some of these functions, you can download and test the DLL.  If you do any testing, let me know which functions you try and if you run into any problems.  And if someone feels like doing a more complete conversion, you can download the source code for the original 32-bit dll.


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