Logicity (viewer/scheduler) reaches ‘end of life’

Tuesday 23 January 2024 @ 11:56 am

Those of you who have been using Logicity as a report viewer or scheduler are probably aware that Logicity has reached ‘end of life’. SaberLogic (which is now Bezlio which is now Docket) has announced that they are no longer selling licenses for Logicity. Looking at the site I no longer see the ability to download the free version. Here is the official statement:

How does this affect you?
⦁ The ability to purchase licensing was removed from our website on 12/15/23.
⦁ You will not be charged for your upcoming renewal once your current subscription term completes.
⦁No renewals were processed effective 12/5/23.
⦁ Your current access and subscription is your to keep. Current Logicity access will not be affected.
⦁ Logicity support will not be available beyond your renewal date. All Logicity Support channels will be removed 12/31/24.
⦁ No product updates will be applied to the current Logicity version.

If the product is working for you then you can probably continue using it indefinitely. If you run into issues and need to switch you can read about similar products using these links:

Crystal Reports Viewers

Desktop Scheduling Engines

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