Best FREE utilities recommended by Ian “Gizmo” Richards

Sunday 8 October 2006 @ 8:42 pm

I just found this link in the past week and I wish I had found it long ago.

I have been impressed several times, just in the past month, by free software. I know that there is plenty of bad ‘free’ software that contains advertising, spyware or even worse junk. It takes time to sort the good from the bad. So when I found a site dedicated to evaluating and comparing these products, I couldn’t resist.

The best part was that I had just researched an HTML editor and an FTP program. I searched for recommendations and ratings and found two top quality free products that I now use regularly. When I checked the Gizmo list both products were on his “recommended” list. So, now I don’t hesitate to try something he recommends. When a customer told me yesterday that he couldn’t unzip one of my guides because his computer didn’t have an UNZIP program, I sent him to GIZMO. Check it out for yourself.

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