Expert Techniques vol. 1 Updated for Crystal Reports 2008

Wednesday 7 January 2009 @ 11:54 am

I recently reviewed my original volume of Expert Techniques and was pleased to see that most of it is still just as useful as it was five years ago when it was published. But out of the 30 problems that I helped you solve in 2003, six of these problems have now become solvable by using new features in Crystal Reports. So I have rewritten these six articles to reflect the changes in Crystal Reports. I still explain the old solutions for people using older versions, but I add the new solution and specify the version of Crystal Reports you must have to use that new feature. There are new or updated sample reports for all 6 articles.

If you purchased Volume 1 in 2009 you already have the latest version.  If you purchased it in 2008 (or earlier) please let me know and I will send you the update. Here are the updated articles:

2. Titles on Cross-tabs that spills onto virtual pages
6. Finding the subreports in a report
7. The Stealth Subreport – it runs but is invisible
16. Selecting Ascending or Descending order based on a parameter
18. The user chooses the number of groups to show in a TopN report
19. Finding a where a stray parameter (or formula) is being used in a report

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