Finding old (and new) downloads on the SAP site

Thursday 15 January 2009 @ 3:48 pm

In the middle of 2008, SAP moved all of the BO support documents and files to the SAP support servers.  What they didn’t do is put in any forwarding links from the old file locations to the new file locations. So web pages (like mine) that have links to those files had to be updated for the new links. That in itself would be no big deal, except there was no easy way to find the links to the new files.  It has taken me 6 months to locate the 15 files linked on my LINKS page. I found some and Mike McCracken of LM Computing & Consulting found some others. A few we couldn’t find at all until yesterday when I noticed a new download search page feature on SAP’s web site. So I have finally updated all of my links.

The next step would be for Business Objects to update their own links. Almost every support document or knowledgebase article I have seen still has links that point to the old servers. Of course none of these links work, so you get dumped on the support page on SAP’s site. Don’t bother with the search box at the top if you want to find files. To find files you have to to go to “downloads” and follow a couple of page hops to get to the downloads search page I mentioned above. But once you are there you have about 1500 files, covering versions as old as v2.

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