Screen Problems in the Standard Report Wizard

Tuesday 16 February 2010 @ 9:59 pm

I like using the “report wizard”  to create the first draft of a new report.  It was even better back in v8.5 when you had the report expert and could loop through the steps several times.  But even now I find the wizard helpful.  Not only can you quickly assemble a simple report, but it automatically gives you a nice evenly spaced column layout.  And, it does a few things for you that you are very likely to do anyway – like adding a page number or today’s date.

Yesterday I was working with a customer in version 11 (XI) and we noticed a strange behavior in the wizard. We went one step further than we wanted to and hit the ‘back’ button in the wizard to go back a step.  We ended up losing part of the wizard window on the right and couldn’t get it back.  I ended up clicking “Finish” just so we could get out and we did the last steps through the normal menu.

I found out that this is a known issue in some builds of XI.  There is an article on the SAP/BO support site but fixing it involves a registry edit. If you have this issue and want to resolve it you can go to the NOTES section of the BO support site and look for article # 1246536 entitled:

“Standard Crystal Report creation wizard screen shrinks from right side when the ‘Back’ button is clicked”.

Update 7/12/2015:

A temporary solution is to resize the window. That usually straightens things out till the next time you click ‘Back’ in the wizard.

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  1. Lior - February 17th, 2010 at 9:27 am

    About the lining up all the fields like the wizard does, I recently found that if you highlight all fields (cntr+click or shift+click) from the available database fields and then drag them all to the report it will line them all up including the headers. It brought back the looping of the wizard that I missed so much in 8.5. Its a huge time saver when you just want all fields, but don’t want to start from scratch. Also useful when the page is too small and the wizard makes each field tiny to cram them on one page.

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