Expert Techniques Volume 4

Friday 5 June 2009 @ 9:31 pm

Many of you have one or more volumes in my Expert Techniques series. These contain my favorite tips and tricks in Crystal Reports, accumulated over the years. I have just put together Volume 4 with another 30 articles. Each is illustrated with an annotated report that demonstrates how to use the technique.  As always, they cover a wide range of topics.

Some are specific advanced methods like:
How to do a fixed length text export from a Crystal Report (#115)
How to do a multi-level Bill of Materials (#118)

Some are little formatting tricks like:
How to automatically size the dotted line between two columns – like a TOC (#105)
Lines and boxes that grow or disappear based on a condition (#107-108)

Some are general purpose lessons like:
Different ways to use “feeder” formulas (#94-95)
Tips for naming formulas (#91)

Check out the full list of articles that are in Volume 4. Even if the article titles don’t seem to apply to your reports, I am confident that you will learn some tricks that you will find useful down the road. These guides are now all free downloads.

(For examples of my most popular formulas, please visit the FORMULAS page on my website.)

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