Expert Techniques Volume 4

Friday 5 June 2009 @ 9:31 pm

Many of you have purchased one or more volumes in my Expert Techniques series. These contain my favorite tips and tricks in Crystal Reports, accumulated over the years. I have just put together Volume 4 with another 30 articles. Each is illustrated with an annotated report that demonstrates how to use the technique.  As always, they cover a wide range of topics.

Some are specific advanced methods like:
How to do a fixed length text export from a Crystal Report (#115)
How to do a multi-level Bill of Materials (#118)

Some are little formatting tricks like:
How to automatically size the dotted line between two columns – like a TOC (#105)
Lines and boxes that grow or disappear based on a condition (#107-108)

Some are general purpose lessons like:
Different ways to use “feeder” formulas (#94-95)
Tips for naming formulas (#91)

Check out the full list of articles that are in Volume 4. Even if the article titles don’t seem to apply to your reports, I am confident that you will learn some tricks that you will find useful down the road. The price is only $19 per volume – a bargain even if only one article helps you solve a problem.

(For examples of my most popular formulas, please visit the FORMULAS page on my website.)

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