Upgrade to Crystal Reports XI (Dev) for only $99

Wednesday 28 February 2007 @ 2:15 pm

This special price upgrades any version of Crystal to Crystal Reports XI Developer Edition for only $99. Also includes some other perks, but this is only good until the end of March 2007. If you were going to upgrade, this would be a good time.

One additional note. After I sent out my newsletter a reader pointed out that the country list on the order page only includes North and South America. I then discovered that if you try to order an upgrade through the “Americas” link on BO’s order page you get a $99 price, but if you use the “International” link you get the retail price of the upgrade. Those of you in Europe, Africa, Asia or ‘Down Under’ need to complain.

Update 3/31

One of my readers sent me links for extending this offer for Europe and Australia.? See Post # 67

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